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Free Diabetes Education and Support Programs

Diversity in Diabetes believes in giving people the tools they need to take charge of their own health. Our education classes are designed for everyone and open to everyone to help them meet the needs for their care.

Healthy Food

Healthy Eating

We all know we need to “eat healthy” to help manage blood glucose levels, but what does eating healthy look like for YOU? We want to help you figure that out.

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Being Active

No matter if you work out 5 minutes a day, 5 times a week or 5 times a month, our resources help you find different ways to implement more movement into your daily life.

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Checking your blood glucose levels gives you important information about your diabetes management. Monitoring helps you know when your blood sugar levels are in your target range and it helps you make adjustments so that you can feel your best.

Family Time

Healthy Coping

Living with diabetes can be hard. It is very natural to experience highs and lows. The important thing is to recognize these emotions as natural and figure out what steps to take to reduce the negative impact these emotions can have on your mental health.

Medicine Boxes

Taking Medication

There are various medications that a person living with diabetes could take. Medication like insulin, pills, heart healthy medication, and more. It is important to establish a medication routine, and have the proper knowledge on everything you are taking.

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Problem Solving

Everyone encounters problems with their diabetes management; you can't plan for every situation you may face. However, there are some problem-solving skills that can help you prepare for the unexpected -- and make a plan for dealing with similar problems in the future.

Going for a Run

Reducing Risks

People living with diabetes have a higher chance of developing other health conditions. However, if you understand the risks, you can take steps to lower your chance of developing diabetes-related complications.

Virtual Diabetes Education Program

Virtual Diabetes Education Program

The Virtual Diabetes Education Program (VDEP) is a 12-week program for people with diabetes. Using Conversation Maps®, participants will engage in virtual diabetes education with 6 interactive discussions that help explore feelings, information, and choices as it relates to living with and managing diabetes. The VDEP meets “live” once per week for 6 weeks to discuss diabetes self-management topics. During the second 6 weeks of the program, your health coach will support you with through the phone app Map4health®.

Monthly Virtual Support Group: Insulin Inclusive

A free monthly support group for insulin dependent individuals who are looking for community, connections, and a place to feel seen and heard. Diversity In Diabetes has partnered with Black Diabetic Girl to bring the community a free virtual call every month to hold space for conversations around the daily ups and downs of living with diabetes. If you’re currently feeling alone and overwhelmed, needing more practical strategies and connections to people with lived experience, this is for you.

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Upcoming Inclusives

Insulin Inclusive Monthly Support is every

4th Wednesday of the month at:

4:30 pm PST, 6:30 pm CST, 7:30 pm EST

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Make A Change

Let's Make A Change

Help up provide diverse education and resources to diverse people with diabetes.

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