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Empower. Educate. Advocate.

Diversity in Diabetes is a 5013c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness and providing solutions to end health disparities and the lack of representation in the diabetes space.


Diversity in Diabetes (DiD) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in August 2020 by Quisha Umemba and Kacey Creel, creators of the People of Color Living with Diabetes Summit.


Our mission is to raise awareness, provide education, and develop solutions to address the lack of diversity in diabetes care, combatting healthcare inequities and poor health outcomes in individuals and communities of color.

We actively advocate for increased representation of healthcare professionals in diabetes care and management, heightened knowledge of treatment options for People of Color Living with Diabetes (POCLWD), and enhanced utilization of technology in their care. Additionally, our efforts focus on improving access to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support programs for POCLWD, striving to create a more equitable landscape in diabetes management.

Our services encompass diversity training and consulting, diabetes education and consulting, as well as presenting and speaking at various events. At DiD, we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity, raising awareness, and driving positive change in diabetes care.

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