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Gwendolyn S Woody


Gwendolyn S Woody

The Nutritionist and Nurse

8990 Kirby Drive Ste 220 Houston, Texas


Preferred Contact Method:

By Appointment

Populations Served

Copper and Greens ethically serves Populations of Color and Indiginous Populations with a focus on women's health.

Focus Areas
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Nutrition Education
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Diabetes Education

Gwen is a distinguished Healthcare Strategist who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of diabetes prevention. With over ten years of rich experience in nursing, her background spans case management, acute and chronic care, with a special focus on diabetes, disease prevention, and nutrition. Gwen's commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes extends beyond individual patient care; she is passionately engaged in devising effective healthcare strategies that benefit both individuals and broader communities, fostering the development of healthier lifestyles across the board.

Her exceptional work and innovative approaches in the realm of diabetes prevention have earned her FULL PLUS Recognition from the CDC, a testament to her significant contributions and impact in this critical area. Further, Gwen's efforts have been acknowledged through strategic partnerships aimed at combating diabetes,social determinants of health, and community health and wellness, highlighting her role as a key player in the fight against chronic illness.

As the visionary founder of Copper and Greens®, Gwen has established a public health practice dedicated to advancing health programming that supports the construction of healthier communities. Through Copper and Greens®, she leverages her extensive knowledge and experience to offer programs that are both effective and transformative, underscoring her dedication to public health and preventative care. Gwen's holistic approach to health and wellness exemplifies her commitment to creating a lasting legacy in the healthcare industry, making her a true leader in her field.

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