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Constance Brown-Riggs


Constance Brown-Riggs

CBR Nutrition Enterprises

4940 Merrick Road, Suite 220 Massapequa Park, New York


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Adults 18+


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Type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes


Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RDN, CDCES, CDN, stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the field of dietetics and diabetes care. With over 30 years of experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified diabetes care and education specialist, Constance has dedicated her professional life to empowering individuals living with diabetes through education, practical advice, and inspirational guidance.
Her knowledge of nutrition and diabetes management is matched only by her passion for writing, culminating in the authorship of three books and co-authorship of another. These works are not only testaments to her expertise but also her ability to connect with readers on a personal level, guiding them towards healthier lifestyles while navigating the challenges of diabetes.
Among her notable accomplishments, Constance has recently been honored with Gold Hermes Creative Awards for two of her books, "Living Well with Diabetes 14 Day Devotional" and "Diabetes Guide to Enjoying Foods of the World." These awards highlight her exceptional talent for blending medical advice with engaging, reader-friendly content.
"Living Well with Diabetes 14 Day Devotional" is a unique addition to diabetes literature, blending spiritual support with practical advice for daily inspiration. Unlike traditional guides, it focuses on the emotional and spiritual aspects of diabetes, offering hope and empowerment.
The "Diabetes Guide to Enjoying Foods of the World" showcases Constance’s innovative approach to diabetes education. This book debunks the myth that diabetes prevents enjoying tasty foods. It takes readers on a global culinary journey, showing how to enjoy world cuisines healthily. Celebrating cultural diversity and the joy of eating, it's essential for anyone with diabetes.
As president and owner of CBR Nutrition Enterprises, she operates a multi-pronged company that focuses on providing complete medical nutrition therapy to patients. Her enterprise also provides training and education for laypeople and health-care professionals, as well as consultation services to industry, physicians, fitness centers, churches and other corporate and community organizations.
Constance is the past chair of the Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group, of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, former member of the board of directors for the American Association of Diabetes Educators, past president of the New York State Dietetic Association and the Long Island Dietetic Association. Her professional honors include the CDE Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Metropolitan New York Association of Diabetes Educators; Health Education Award from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Suffolk County Chapter, Inc; Award for Excellence in Consultation and Business Practice from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; the Distinguished Dietitian Award from the New York State Dietetic Association; and the Diabetes Educator of the Year award from the Academy of Nutrition.

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