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Jacquean Lynette Kosh


Jacquean Lynette Kosh

Jacquean L. Kosh, MA, LGPC

Largo, Maryland


Preferred Contact Method:


Populations Served

Jacquean serves all people 16 and older.

Focus Areas

Couples Therapy

Managing life with Chronic Illness


Spirituality, Career and Life transitions

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar



Jacquean Kosh (JK for short) is very passionate about providing clients the ability to speak their truth in a non-judgemental environment. She believes that many times in life, a person's concerns are unheard, not valued, or not addressed which can cause frustration, distress, unhappiness, and hopelessness. She offers not only a listening ear, but also someone to collaborate with you on your journey to wellness and happiness, whatever that would looks like for you. Jacquean encourages her clients to collaborate in finding the light at the end of the tunnel and see the rainbow after the rain.
Jacquean desires for her clients to have a safe space to discuss any and all topics and to feel like they are being heard. Her clinical experience includes couples counseling & working through relationship challenges, managing emotions stemming from living with chronic illnesses, understanding purpose and meaning for life, grief, and spirituality.

Jacquean is a person living with insulin requiring type 2 diabetes and she and her husband have 2 children and a cat.

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