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Eugenia Araiza


Eugenia Araiza


914 North Coast Highway 101, Suite A. Encinitas, California


Preferred Contact Method:

By Appointment

Populations Served

· English/Spanish Speaking

· Parents/caregivers of children with T1D

· Caregivers of people with T2D

Focus Areas

· Prediabetes

· Type 1 diabetes

· Type 2 diabetes

· Diabetes LADA

· Mindful diabetes

· Nutrition


I’m a bilingual nutritionist, DCES, and board-certified health coach. I’ve been living with type 1 diabetes since 1995. One of my goals is to empower people with diabetes to achieve their glucose management goals and live the best of their lives by accompanying them through nutrition counseling and diabetes education. I create materials, books, courses, and nutrition-education workshops that are culturally appropriate for the Spanish-speaking community. Additionally, I attend international conferences and create articles written in a comprehensive way for the Spanish-speaking community living with diabetes. I have worked for Beyond Type 1 as a Senior Project Manager for Hispanic Properties and collaborated on several projects alongside ADA, ADCES, JDRF, IDF, and many other international diabetes organizations.

I am the author of the book: "Soy Diferente y me Gusta", which developed around the importance of acceptance when living with diabetes. I co-authored a book called "Había una vez una Diabetes" which addresses diabetes burnout. These two books were selected to be part of the Bag of Hope material and the JDRF No Limits Teen care kit. I am also co-author of the chapter "Evaluation of the State of Nutrition in Special Conditions" of the book "Evaluation of the State of Nutrition in the Human Life Cycle" by the Mexican Association of Members of Faculties and Schools of Nutrition (AMMFEN). I collaborated on the English-to-Spanish translation of the book "Think Like a Pancreas", co-translated the children's book “Rufus Comes Home" for JDRF’s Bag of Hope in Spanish, and translated the books "Rosie Becomes a Warrior: A Story to Empower Children with Type 1 Diabetes to Live Their Happiest Lives" and "Rosie the Type 1 Diabetes Warrior Goes to Diabetes Summer Camp".

I’m enthusiastic about serving my community. I have a passion for working for and with the Hispanic/Latino population that has been impacted in any way by diabetes.

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